How to use Ruh Booty?

Take a small pinch of Ruh Booty just equal to the knob of the pin and place it on your palm & rub it in between your both palms; an assertive but soothing and calming Herbal Aroma will flare up.

You apply your Ruh Booty rubbed hands on your body, arms, & at the back of your neck to experience its amazing impact. Since it is strong — a little goes a long long way…

Wear Ruh Booty & mediate

Take a deep breath and rub little part of it on your forehead at the point between your eyebrows which is also the origin of your nose. It helps mind to relax and witness mindfulness to reach the SILENCE that exists between the thoughts; generates more space for creative thoughts to arise and inner wisdom to be heard. We move from Thought to No -Thought -- a completely silent mind that brings miracles and adds meaning in life.